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Get involved! Join the Rural Caucus

Make a BIG impact with a one-time or recurring donation

Our members are located all across Arkansas – 69 of our state's 75 counties are Rural!

The Rural Caucus is a 527 non-profit founded by Steve Grappe, a farmer from Rose Bud.

Our board includes volunteer leaders from Saline County, Carroll County, Washington County, White County, and Craighead County.

We want to hold more community events, more town halls on local issues and state policies that impact rural Arkansans, and we need your help to reconnect with our neighbors and get more folks in rural Arkansas registered to vote and engaged with their local government.


DONATE HERE to support the Rural Caucus. 


Interested in being involved – either through in-person events in your area, or helping us spread the word online or via phone calls?

Fill out the form at left and tell us you'd like to be involved – or email


We'd be thrilled to hear from you!   

Have questions? 


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