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Want to help Arkansas disaster victims?
So do we.


In the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes that plowed across Central Arkansas and eastward on March 31, there were hundreds of Arkansans suddenly without shelter. 

Tens of thousands of homes were damaged, with thousands of Arkansans left without shelter — many of them in rural areas without "official" aid and without insurance coverage. 

Within 3 hours after the tornado, the Rural Caucus launched a Disaster Recovery Team. We had scores of volunteers on the ground the very next day, and many generous Arkansans showed up to help us patch roofs and remove downed trees, donated to cover food and clean-up supplies, or lent us heavy equipment.


During the two weeks after the tornadoes, the Rural Caucus Disaster Recovery Team was able to provide food and water to tornado victims and clean-up volunteers in the worst-hit areas – including Wynne – and help several dozen Arkansas families repair their homes enough to make them livable.


The Rural Caucus Disaster Recovery Team is now a permanent part of our organization, and all donations made for disaster relief through ActBlue are set aside solely for that purpose. 

DONATE HERE to support the Rural Caucus Disaster Recovery Team — your donations will help cover fuel and related expenses to run heavy equipment, generators, power tools and transport volunteers and donations. Thank you!

Sign up to volunteer with the Rural Caucus Disaster Recovery Team below
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Our Disaster Recovery Team leaders will let you know about opportunities to help and you can show up when you are available!

How may we contact you when the Disaster Recovery Team is activating to respond to an emergency?

Thank you for helping us make a difference for rural Arkansans!


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